Where Have I Been?

It’s been a while folks . . . our family decided on a last-minute trip to Greece for two week to celebrate my sister’s graduation from university. I took loads of pictures using my new compact point-and-shoot as well as a ton of film shots using my Nikon FM. I’m still not sure which is the best way to share them, so I’ve opted to share my journey chronologically (my film shots will come later) . . .

Day 1: Traveling, LAX to SFO to Frankfurt to Athens . . .

What I do when I'm bored on an airplane.

Airport, Frankfurt.

My meal on Aegean Airlines, economy class.

1) Waiting to depart, 2) Frankfurt terminal, 3) My meal on Aegean Airlines en route to Athens. This was pretty good!

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  1. 2010/08/16

    I love the triangles on the ceiling of the airport! Makes for such a mesmerising pattern. Can’t wait to see your film shots!


  2. 2010/08/16

    I squeal in excitement at plane food! Your flight surely was a long one. Glad you’re back 😉

  3. Pinjing

    @Wei-Wei: That airport was architecturally fascinating, one of the cooler airports I’ve been to for sure!

    @melly: I always have fun anticipating the airplane food! I’m usually the dork with the camera ready when the flight attendants wheel the food carts around.

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