Spring Pickin’s – Instagram Edition

So Instagram recently came out for the Android platform and despite my misgivings about Instagram, I downloaded the app to try it out. I’m still not a huge fan of the overly processed, lomo-esque filters (though some filters, when applied correctly, do make an otherwise dull photo more vibrant and interesting), I’ll admit it is a nice way to merge social networking with the act of taking photos from your phone.

Donaville has put together a great recurring blog event called Spring Pickin’s at Dearest Nature, where you post evidence of spring happening your neck of the woods. Here’s some photos I’ve taken recently on my afternoon walks.

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  1. 2012/04/20

    I like the photo on the right side. Where do you take your afternoon walks? Looks gorgeous!

    • 2012/04/20

      That photo was actually of a park on the street across from ours; literally a 1 minute walk from my house.

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