Checking In

What I’ve been up to lately:

I cook.

Eating (clockwise from upper left): Roasted acorn squash (homemade), Taiwanese cold sesame noodles (homemade), kuri manju (a sweetened bean paste and chestnut filled Japanese bun), and skanky takeout from Panda Express (Yes, I do eat Panda Express sometimes. I admit it!), lemongrass tofu (homemade).

I have a silly goal of trying every single chocolate that See’s Candy has to offer. I decided to start with the one that seemed the least appealing, the Rum Nougat.

I eat candy.

After the first bite, I couldn’t finish it; my taste buds were overwhelmed with rum flavor. I’ve realized that I don’t really like the taste of rum, I guess. Oh well.

Finished this book and started this one.

Been listening to the Bird and the Bee’s new album comprised completely of Hall and Oates covers. I’m really enjoying it, which is funny because I didn’t grow up listening to Hall and Oates as a kid. As I was listening, the entire time I was thinking, “Hey! I didn’t know this was by Hall and Oates!” My knowledge of late 70’s/80’s music is pretty much close to nil.

Anyway, here’s a song from the album if you’d like to check it out:

Pinjing Written by:


  1. 2010/04/11

    Hey, glad to see you back!

    Those chocolate truffles look really good on the website… I haven’t tasted rum much myself so I can’t say much for the taste =/ But looking at the website I’ve got quite a few I’d like to taste – Butterscotch (never tasted it in my life!!), Lemon Truffle, See’s Apple Pie Truffle, PEANUTTSSSSSS (!!)… Did you buy a whole box??

    A Thousand Splendid Suns is a wonderful book, by the way. I like the Kite Runner better though (by the same author).


  2. 2010/04/12

    Those cold noodles were yummy. And that bun is so cute!

  3. 2010/04/12

    @Wei-Wei: What I love about See’s Candy is you can just buy a couple of chocolates at one time; they just put it in a small paper bag for you so you can nibble on them while you shop (and they also give you samples while you’re waiting in line! Score!)

    I’ve tried the Lemon and Apple Pie Truffles before and they’re among my favorites.

    A Thousand Splendid Suns is already turning out to be an enjoyable read, looks like I’ll have to check out the Kite Runner after I finish this one!

    @Mei: Isn’t it! I actually bought it at Ebisu supermarket the last time I was there. Love those Japanese desserts.

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