Midweek Musings and Music

This week so far:

Watched Formosa Betrayed with my sister, upon recommendation from my parents. Sobering experience as it was based on true events.

Had a fabulous brunch at Break of Dawn (will share about the experience on the other blog soon!)

"Meatloaf" at Break of Dawn
Helped my mom in the kitchen cook up some Taiwanese comfort food since my sister is back home for spring break.

Stir-Fried Rice Noodles
Enjoying the warmer weather by making a lot of “instant ice cream.” Fabulous stuff. Just process some frozen bananas in the food processor and you get the creamiest, sweetest “ice cream” ever. And healthy too. This version was with a bit of fresh nectarine blended in.

One Ingredient Ice Cream
Baked a cheesecake pie. But it wasn’t too good so we ended up throwing it out.
Bad Tasting Cheesecake Pie

Some music for your Wednesday: Brendel plays Schubert Impromptu Op. 90, No.3. It’s one of my favorite pieces but I never learned it when I was taking piano lessons. I just printed out the sheet music and sight-read this this morning, it doesn’t seem too bad so maybe I’ll continue with it.

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  1. 2010/03/24

    Mmmm. I am getting hungry just thinking about our brunch today.

  2. 2010/03/25

    Yes frozen bananas are one of my favourite things too! Altho all I do is wrap them in cling-wrap and put them in the freezer and eat them the next day. I should try to blend them up next time!

  3. Jane

    Mmm, the taiwanese food you guys cooked up looks delicious. Is that kong qing cai (sp?) in the bottom left?

    btw, how was Formosa Betrayed? Shattuck cinemas played the film for one night only a few weeks ago. I meant to go, but I read some lukewarm movie reviews online and lost my enthusiasm. Did I miss out?

  4. 2010/03/26

    @Jane: Yep, it’s definitely kong qing cai. One of my favorite vegetables. Formosa Betrayed wasn’t bad, I guess. To be honest, I went only because it touched on issues that were important to my parents. It’s heavy on the history but I wouldn’t say it’s a bad movie. If you’re interested in the political side of things I’d go see it. For entertainment value, probably not.

  5. 2010/04/05

    I definitely am going to try that instant ice cream recipe! And I love that you can do variations of it. Sweet!

  6. 2010/04/05

    @alexandria: I hope you enjoy it! It’s one of my favorite quick-fix desserts.

  7. 2010/04/15

    Hey Pinjing!

    I was just wondering, because we only have a blender at home (Blendtec!), would it work for making things like that awesomely yummy-sounding ice cream? Would a blender work just like a food processor? I’m not too sure about the difference between the two…


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