Things I Love Thursday – #3

Happy Thursday!

Some things I am loving this week:

Things I Love Thursday - #3
(Yarn organizer for my needlepoint project)

  • I’m this close to finishing a needlepoint project that I’ve been working on for at least a year now (it’s been on and off); it’s like coming to the end of a book, I always seem to work faster and faster in anticipation of finishing.
  • This tea. I�ve seriously gone through at least 10 boxes this winter season. I can�t get enough of its spicy/cinnamon goodness. If this continues I may have to go to tea rehab. I feel like I need to find something new though; does anyone have any recommendations for a good, non-caffeinated tea?
  • My food processor. After making coconut butter the other day, I decided to put it through another test and try making a 100% black sesame tahini (as opposed to the black sesame/walnut combo I posted here). Processor performed beautifully! Creamy without any added oils. However, I think the trick is using my Blendtec to pulverize the seeds to a fine powder first. I am pretty sure the food processor wouldn’t be able to grind the seeds to tahini-esque loveliness on its own.

What are you loving this week?

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  1. 2010/03/18

    I love not having anymore finals to do! But aside from the obvious, I am loving the unusually warm weather we’ve been getting. Makes drinking passion fruit green tea so much better =)

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